10 Christian Affirmations to Help Deal with Depression

As Christians, we are all expected to be strong and spiritually “advanced.” While that is true, it’s not very realistic – well, at least that’s how I feel about it.

Even in the Bible, I always read about God’s chosen people going through depression (Moses, Elijah and Job, just to name a few). So, that obviously shows that being depressed is normal, especially when you are going through life’s difficult moments. And God understands that.

When You Are Depressed, Ask God for Help

While being depressed is normal, however, that doesn’t mean that we should allow it to rule over us. No, it shouldn’t paralyze us and we should ask God for help – because God does help.

In the Bible, God always provides for a solution for depression when His people go through it. And to this day, God helps us deal with depression and every other type of emotional, spiritual and mental crisis.

Christian Affirmations for Depression

Pray to God when you feel depressed. Trust that He will help you. Trust that He will heal your soul.

Positive Affirmations to Battle Depression

Listed below are 10 positive affirmations to help us all who are dealing with depression at one time or another. I came up with these affirmations when I was battling with depression and these simple sentences really do help me a lot.

I hope you will find them useful too – just recite them and believe what you are saying to yourself – and you’ll be alright. You can even print them and post them around your room or your workplace to help you on your everyday battle on being depressed.

I wish you hope and love through God’s Word and healing hands.

Affirmation #1 – I Am Loved by God

I am loved by God. Even if I feel unloved by the people around me, God loves me – and that is enough – more than enough.

Affirmation #2 – I Am Not Afraid

I am not afraid. I have a God who loves me and cares for me. I will surrender to the will of God and trust that He will keep me safe from harm.

Affirmation #3 – Today’s Sufferings are No Match to Tomorrow’s Joys

Today’s sufferings are no match to tomorrow’s joys. God has promised everlasting happiness to those who hold on to his promises.

Affirmation #4 – God is Close to the Brokenhearted

God is close to the brokenhearted. When I feel sad and depressed, I must consciously be aware of His presence. His presence brings peace of mind and comfort to my weary soul.

Affirmation #5 – I Will Fight Depression Like a Wounded Soldier

I will fight depression like a wounded soldier. I may be hurt, but I know that victory will be mine with the help of God.

Why am I so Depressed?

Call on the name of Jesus when you are depressed – the name above all names. His name will heal you from within.

Affirmation #6 – I Am Not Alone

I am not alone. God is always with me and He knows what I am going through. I will get my strength from Him and depend on His grace and mercy to survive.

Affirmation #7 – It’s Wonderful to be Alive

It’s wonderful to be alive. Life is a gift from God and I will cherish and value it with all of my might. I thank God for this gift and I will do my best to live a meaningful life.

Affirmation #8 – When I Am Feeling Down, I Will Look Up to Heaven

When I am feeling down, I will look up to heaven and marvel at God’s power and love. I am blessed with life and the Holy Spirit is in me to guide me every day of my life.

Affirmation #9 – Today, I Will Allow Myself to Cry

Today, I will allow myself to cry. But I will cry to the Lord and seek for His comfort. I will feel a lot better when He touches me with His healing hand.

Affirmation #10 – It’s OK to be Sad Because I Am Only Human

It’s ok to be sad, because I am only human. With God’s help, I will be able to overcome this sadness and go on with my life happily.

How to Deal with Depression

God loves you. He is with you when you are down and depressed. And He will help you to get up and get back on your feet again.

Stop Depression – Go to God!

Yes, we can control depression by seeking comfort from God through His Word. Make it a point to read the Bible to hear His voice, and you can also make your own affirmations to help you in your battle against depression.

We are one in this battle – Christians and non-Christians. And remember that God helps EVERYONE who calls on His name.

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