Is Depression a Disease?

Is depression a disease? Scientifically speaking, yes; and you will find that there are a lot of studies and evidences that support this statement. In fact, it is considered to be a mental disease.

To put it in simple terms, just think of your body as a complicated creation that runs on impulse, energy, and more. The brain is the main controller, and chemical reactions control our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

How to Battle Depression

Chemical Imbalance in the Brain

When suffering from depression, the chemicals in the brain have been found to be in abnormal levels. Therefore, the feelings of feeling sad can’t be readily solved as long the chemical imbalance in the brain is still there.

Here is a video that will explain the science of depression.

Needless to say, proving that depression is a disease can make one feel a little better since certain diseases are unavoidable. In a way, it takes the responsibility away from the person as he or she seeks for a treatment or cure for the disease. And as we all know, there are prescription drugs for depression.

Anti-Depressant Drugs

Are anti-depressants effective? The way I see it, anti-depressant drugs are only effective as long as you use them; that’s why these drugs are addictive. If you stop using them, you’ll feel depressed again.

Should you use anti-depressant drugs? It’s really up to you. If the pain and symptoms are really unbearable, I believe these drugs can help somehow. Just know that the drugs can only temporarily help you.

Dealing with Depression the Christian Way

Studies show that chemical imbalance happens inside the brain when depression occurs. However, even when suffering from said imbalance, we can still think independently. It is therefore up to us to decide on how we want to deal with the problem of depression.

Would you go to the doctor to get a prescription?

Or would you rather just wallow in the misery without medication?

As Christians, our first move should be to go to Jesus and ask for His help and guidance.

Dealing with Depression the Christian Way

Heart Over Mind

When we are depressed, the burden is on our minds. That’s why you could experience that your head is about to explode. It’s dark, it’s cloudy, and it’s heavy. The symptoms of depression can also vary from one person to another.

But don’t forget that we have a heart too. And since Jesus is living in our hearts, we should listen to it during the times when our minds are not clear. Jesus speaks to us in our hearts; and unless we focus on the voice, our minds will ignore His presence.

Go to Jesus

Depression is a disease. But so what? Jesus can cure any disease!

The problem with depression is that it can affect our feelings and emotions; and that makes it very hard to deal with. But if we stay focused on Jesus, He will heal us.

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