Symptoms of Depression in Men

Although the symptoms of depression in men and women are basically the same, these are expressed in different ways. That’s because men and women are raised differently; and society dictates that each one behaves and reacts differently to feelings and situations too.

Typically, men have the tendency to act strong even if they’re feeling weak. This makes it quite difficult to diagnose and observe their real condition. Still, there are signs of depression that can be seen in the way they face life and handle things even if they try to deny suffering from it.

Most Common Depression Symptoms in Men

Sleep Disorders

One of the most common symptoms of depression is sleep deprivation. If a man is depressed, he would either have problems sleeping or feel sleepy all the time.

The main reason for developing insomnia and sleeplessness is having a restless mind. Being depressed often results in having disturbed thoughts that can hinder one to fall asleep.

Feeling sleepy, on the other hand, is related to feelings of tiredness and hopelessness. If a person can’t have enough sleep, it would result in feeling tired and sleepy for the rest of the day. It’s like a never ending cycle. Moreover, negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness can be tiring too.

Symptoms of Depression in Men

Loss of Appetite

We are all familiar with the symptoms of losing appetite when we are feeling sad or depressed. Since depression is a disease, the loss of appetite can be more serious and can even lead to weight loss. This is especially true for cases of clinical depression, which is also referred to as major or severe depression. Needless to say, losing one’s appetite is a serious condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible.


Men who are diagnosed with depression often complain of fatigue. This can be the result of over-thinking things, sleeplessness, and pent-up emotions.

Fatigue can be felt even if a person is getting enough sleep. This is especially true for situations wherein sleeping pills are taken because it’s not a natural way of sleeping and resting. And unless a person can get peaceful and relaxing sleep, the sense of feeling tired will still remain.

Signs of Depression

Loss of Interest in Pleasurable Activities

Men can also experience loss of interest in things and activities that usually bring pleasure to them. The reason for this is that the feelings that go with depression makes them want to withdraw from the world. And sometimes, they withdraw from people too, including their families.


The symptoms of depression in men also include irritability. This is quite understandable because negative thoughts and feelings are always going on; and that makes a person prone to being irritable.

If even petty things seem to irritate a man, this can be a sign of depression. And this is especially true if a person is usually carefree and jolly.


Because of man’s very nature, they can become aggressive and hostile when depressed. Depression symptoms in women can be so much different because of their nature too. As women tend to cry when sad and frustrated, men tend to become violent. That’s why depression symptoms in men can also lead to domestic violence.

Clinical Depression Symptoms

Dealing with Depression Symptoms

In order to deal with depression properly, men who are suffering from the condition need to get medical attention. Keep in mind that the symptoms of depression in men can vary with age. So men who are over 40, 50, and 60 can exhibit different signs. But these are the ages wherein a man can become prone to said condition.

Getting emotional support from loved ones is just as important too. Likewise, working on one’s spiritual strengths is also needed.

Don’t Deny Your Feelings

Instead of denying emotional feelings, these should be acknowledged and dealt with properly. Know that it’s okay for men to cry. And it’s acceptable for men to feel weak and vulnerable because they’re just human.

As Christians, we are asked to carry our own crosses; but that doesn’t mean that we have to do it all by ourselves. Jesus is always there to help us; and that would make dealing with depression a lot easier whether you’re a man or a woman.

Let’s all recognize the symptoms of depression in men so as to be able to fight the problem more effectively. If you’re a man battling with depression right now, seek help. And if you know someone who is suffering from depression, try to recognize the signs and symptoms, so you can offer some help.

Depression Symptoms

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