Symptoms of Depression in Women

Studies show that the symptoms of depression in women are more recognizable than those of men. This can be attributed to the fact that women are more expressive of their thoughts and feelings; so diagnosing them is easier too.

As with men, women aging 40, 50, and 60 years old are also more vulnerable to depression. This can be attributed to hormonal imbalance and lifestyle changes as one goes through motherhood and menopause later in life.

Since most depression symptoms are basically the same for both genders, its easy to conclude that men and women are going through the same thing and are battling the same hardships when dealing with depression.

Most Common Depression Symptoms in Women


Women who are going through depression have the tendency to feel sad. And this can be with or without basis. Sometimes, situations can trigger this feeling of sadness. And sometimes, the feeling is just there.

Symptoms of Depression in Women


Women have always been prone to mood swings because of their emotional nature. Scientifically speaking, they are more prone to this dilemma compared to men because of hormonal changes too.

When a woman gets irritated, she can express this through crying. That’s why women who are going through depression tend to cry a lot. And this is especially true if they feel that the people around them don’t understand what they’re going through.


When depression strikes, women can become pessimists. Actually, this is true for men too. The pessimism can even trigger feelings of paranoia wherein a person feels threatened all the time.

By developing negative thoughts, women can feel helpless and hopeless since they would think that they can no longer trust anyone. This can particularly plague patients who are suffering from clinical or severe depression as a major type of depression is really serious.

Sleeping Problems

Sleeping problems such as getting too little or too much sleep are both considered to be signs of depression. Losing sleep because of raging thoughts in one’s head is very common with people who are dealing with depression. And lack of restful sleep at night can make a person feel tired and sleepy all day.

It really doesn’t help the situation much when a depressed person is suffering from sleeping problems too. Not getting enough rest is stressful for the mind, body, and soul; and it can make the other symptoms of depression even worse.

Coping with Depression

Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is always considered to be a sign that something is wrong. This holds true for cases of depression too, since the condition can make a person lost interest in a lot of things, including food.

Women sufferers of depression are also prone to other health problems like anorexia and bulimia. That’s why early detection of the signs of the disease is really very important.

Thoughts of Death and Suicide

Statistics show that thoughts of death and suicide are more common in women who are suffering from depression than men. Interestingly enough, the statistics of men successfully committing suicide is higher than that of women. The reason for this is that men are more capable of carrying out suicide attempts than women.

When going through depression, sufferers sometimes just feel the need to end the suffering. This is a serious matter; and the problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid casualties.

Help for Women Who are Dealing with Depression

Do you know anyone who seems to be dealing with depression? Learn to read the signs and symptoms of the condition to be able to help them.

Are you, yourself, coping with the symptoms of depression? Get help. You really need it.

No matter how alone you might feel, there are available avenues where you can get help. Since depression is considered to be a disease, medical doctors can help you evaluate your particular condition.

Counseling really helps too. You can either go to a pastor, preacher, or a trusted friend.

The best thing that you can do, however, is to go to Jesus. Jesus is always there and He’s the one who truly understands what you’re going through.

Jesus can heal you – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. He can make the symptoms of depression in women disappear and make you whole and happy again.

Signs of Depression

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