Why Am I So Depressed – Here are 15 Reasons to Help You Understand the Causes of Depression

There is always a reason behind depression. That’s a fact.

You may not know or understand the reason, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are feeling sad and blue because of something.

In general, we can say that depression can come from two main sources. Life events can trigger some symptoms of depression and having “the disease” can be a culprit too.

The reason for your depression will always fall under those two main categories: life events or disease.

Listed below are 15 reasons on why you are feeling depressed. Go through the list and identify the reasons that are causing you to feel sad, empty, hopeless, desperate, etc.

Why Am I So Depressed

It is by recognizing the reasons behind the symptoms that you can start getting over “the feeling” or “the disease.” You will also be able to recognize if what you’re going through is just a minor case of depression or if it’s something more serious.

Don’t worry, as each reason listed here is also followed with an advice on what you should do about it. This way, you will not only understand WHY you are depressed but KNOW how to stop being depressed too.

Sounds like a good deal? Then read on.

Reason #1: Traumatic Events – Shocking and Scary Situations

Trauma is one of the main reasons for feeling depressed. Traumatic events like accidents and catastrophes can disturb your peace of mind and make you feel stressed out and out of place.

Know that feeling depressed in said situations is just normal. BUT, you still have to do something about it in order to get over it as quickly as possible. Staying in that “feeling” for too long can be dangerous as it can turn into something more permanent and damaging.

We don’t want that.

So here’s what you need to do – seek professional help so as to be able to get over the trauma effectively. I would suggest going to a counselor or a pastor. You will find that talking with them will help you better understand what you’re going through. Their support will also make you a stronger person as you battle with the symptoms of depression.

Yes, it’s a battle; and you need all the help and support at this time of your life. So it won’t hurt to seek out your most trusted friends while going through this problem too.

Reason #2: Grieving – Missing and Crying Over Someone or Something

The death of a loved one will ALWAYS cause depression. However, we all have different ways of dealing with sadness. Therefore, the depression can be just a phase that you go through temporarily or it can be very serious and damaging to your health – both physical and mental.

The loved one can be anyone too – a parent, a brother or a sister, a friend, or even a pet. If we love someone so much, it can really REALLY hurt when they are taken away from us. The grieving process can prove to be too much to handle; and depression can creep in.

Just like in traumatic events, you also need to get help when you are grieving too much. Again, going to counselors, pastors, and friends will prove to be helpful in the given situation.

What to Do About Depression

Reason #3: Financial Troubles – Worrying About Food, Shelter, and Clothing

We all need money. Not just for the things we want, but for the things we need too.

If it’s a problem to sustain your basic needs in life like food, shelter, and clothing, then feeling depressed is a natural reaction. That’s the reason why losing one’s job often leads to depression as you will start to worry how to support yourself and your family.

And it’s a valid reason why you’re feeling depressed. But then, again, you need to stay focused and strong to get over this problem.

Know that your financial troubles won’t go away just by worrying about it and feeling depressed about it.

You need to do something about it.

What should you do? Well, if you just lost your job, then you need to find another one. I know it’s easier said than done, but you just have to do it.

When you are at that point in your life when you are really burdened by your financial problems, you can’t be too picky with the type of work that you want. Take any work that will provide you with food, shelter, and clothing.

Don’t let your type of work depress you too. Tell yourself that when you get back on your feet again, you can be pickier with the type of work that you want.

Flexibility is the key. Learn to adapt to the changes in your life and you’ll get along just fine.

Reason #4: Divorce – Is it the End of a Fairy Tale?

When you marry someone, you really love that person and want to spend the rest of your life with him or her. It’s all in the plan. You’ll have a family and live happily ever after.

When, due to unexpected circumstances, a marriage ends in a divorce, it can be VERY devastating. Yes, it’s only natural to feel depressed, even if you are no longer in love with your partner.

Divorce is not only the end of a relationship, it’s also the end of your most valued dream. You have the right to feel depressed. But for your own good, you need to get over it.

What should you do? Well, since divorce is also a traumatic event and you can also be grieving over the situation, the first thing that you should look for is someone that you can talk to. It is therefore advisable to seek the help and support of friends and loved ones and professional counselors and pastors too.

Yes, you can also go to the doctor and get prescription drugs so as to ease the pain and other symptoms of depression. However, always consider the negative effects of taking drugs. It is always better to get over depression naturally. And yes, it is possible.

At this point, it could be tempting to look for another partner just to get your mind off your other partner. And while that can work fast in easing the symptoms of depression brought about the divorce, know that it is not always an effective solution. In fact, you could be exposing yourself to another disastrous relationship. And this particular point in your life, you may not be able to handle another heartache when it comes unexpectedly.

So while it’s perfectly alright to make new friends, don’t look for a replacement partner right away. Understand that people are not objects that can be replaced right away. And you also need time to heal.

How to Stop Being Depressed

Reason #5: Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Because of the Weather

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD has become a common disease. While winter blues has been known to affect a lot of people, there is also such a thing now called summer blues.

Studies show that our body’s temperature has a direct affect on our moods and this can sometimes manifest in the form of depression. That’s because the body’s internal temperature can affect the production of hormones and imbalance in hormone production can cause symptoms of depression.

Since this “disease” is only seasonal, it is not considered that serious, especially if you can handle it well. There are prescription medicines that you can take for this, but we all know that anti-depressant drugs can carry harmful and long term side effects.

My advice:

Once you recognize that the reason for your depression is SAD, see if you can handle it without medication. If you think it’s too much for you to bear, seek medical help.

Reason #6: Smoking – It Can Lead to Chemical Imbalance in the Brain

On the premise that depression is a disease, it can be traced to having a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Note that the nicotine content of cigarettes can directly cause chemical imbalances in the brain and therefore result in having symptoms of depression. So even if you are not depressed yet, you are exposing yourself to the disease by smoking.

Of course, the risks are even higher if you are already prone to depression.

The solution? Quit smoking. You know that quitting smoking has other health benefits as well.

Dealing With Depression

Reason #7: Thyroid Disease – It Can Make You Feel Sad and Blue

This is another medical reason why you could be feeling depressed.

If your thyroid gland is not functioning properly, it would not produce enough serotonin hormones. Seratonin hormones are happy hormones, and not maintaining the proper levels of this hormone inside the body can lead to feelings of sadness – and yes, depression.

In this case, you need to get to the root of the problem and treat it so as to treat your depression too. And fortunately, hypothyroidism (disease of the thyroid gland) can be easily treated.

Symptoms of having a malfunctioning thyroid gland include cold sensitivity, fatigue, lack of energy, and constipation. So if you notice those symptoms along with some depression symptoms like sadness and moodiness, go to the doctor right away for a checkup.

Reason #8: Sleep Deprivation – Not Getting Enough Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

Statistics show that people who don’t get enough sleep are more prone to symptoms of depression. The reason for this is that the brain is not rested enough to handle stress and other unexpected situations.

Sleep deprivation can also cause chemical imbalances in the brain; which, again, is another cause of depression.

We all know the feeling of not getting enough sleep too. When you are tired and not well rested, you become irritable and moody, right? These are already early signs of depression; and if it drags on for a very long time, the symptoms can become more intense and permanent.

The solution is easy – get enough rest and sleep.

It can be hard, however, if you have sleeping problems. So if you have insomnia and other types of sleep disorders, consult a doctor right away. The sooner the better. As always, treating the main cause of the problem is the best way to deal with it.

Reason #9: The End of Something Good – Even If It’s Just a Movie or a TV Show

Let us not be judgmental, okay?

Don’t think that it’s perfectly alright to feel depressed when a real life relationship ends, but it’s not okay to feel depressed when a movie or a TV show ends. It happens. It really happens.

There are people who watch movies and TV shows as a form of escape. And this is really understandable as we are living in a cruel and messed up world. That’s a fact.

So, when a good (or favorite) movie or TV program ends, it can be really depressing.

The solution: Find other avenues of escaping from the world’s pain. It can be another TV show, another movie, or new hobbies.

The important thing to do at this point is to recognize the reason behind your depression and to work at getting over it. Escaping is okay, it keeps us “sane.” In fact, hobbies and interests are all forms of escaping from an otherwise stressful life.

Learn to accept that movies and TV shows end. BUT, there are always new shows and movies to watch out for. You can always watch re-runs too.

Come on, be flexible. Always learn to appreciate and love new things when old things come to an end.

Symptoms of Depression

Reason #10: Where Do You Live? – City Life Vs. Country Life

Studies show that city dwellers face higher levels of stress than country dwellers. And we all know that stress can lead to depression (aside from other problems).

People who live in the city are always in a hurry and even the workplaces are more demanding too. It is this scenario that put city dwellers are greater risk of developing depression symptoms.

And then there are environmental factors too. There’s more pollution in the city; and this can result to chemical and hormone imbalances inside the body. So again, that makes a person prone to depression problems.

The solution would involve something like relocating to a less stressful and less polluted place, but that may not always be possible. So if you find yourself tied up to a particular place that’s probably causing you to get depressed, just find other ways to combat it.

And yes, there are ways to combat depression that’s caused by stress and pollution.

Believe it or not, a healthy lifestyle is an effective way of dealing with this type of depression. Exercising regularly and eating nutritious food will help you deal with stress the natural way.

Reason #11: The Modern World Can Be Overwhelming

These days, we are presented with too many choices when buying products and services. And while that is considered a good thing by a lot of people, there are also those that would feel overwhelmed about it.

This is a normal reaction; in fact, there is now a term for it. It’s called “choice overload.”

Just think about it, when you go to the grocery store to buy a toothpaste, how many choices are you presented with. How about buying coffee? Tea? Cereals? Diapers? Appliances?

The list can go on and on and on.

Here’s the solution:

Instead of feeling overwhelmed about it, enjoy your many choices. Take your time and choose based on your particular preferences. It’s really quite practical, if you really think about it.

Now you can choose a product based on the brand, simplicity, packaging, and your budget. Yes, that’s actually a good thing.

Recognize that it’s a good thing to have a lot of choices and you will not feel as overwhelmed and confused about it. Besides, you can always go for the simplest choices every time too.

How to Battle Depression

Reason #12: The Food You Eat – Improper Nutrition Can Make You Feel Depressed

Your body needs to maintain proper levels of the hormone serotonin to keep depression symptoms at bay. However, if your diet is low on Omega 3, it can lead to hormonal imbalance and yes – depression.

Omega 3 is found in fatty acids, which are healthy forms of fats. These are found in fish meat; so increasing your consumption of such type of food is highly recommended. No, Omega 3 is not typically found in pork, beef, and chicken. These types of foods are actually high in saturated fat, which is an unhealthy form of fat.

In order to avoid depression symptoms that are caused by improper diet, increase your intake of fish (especially salmon – it’s high in Omega 3). You can also take fish oil supplements; but getting your fatty acids from natural sources is always the best choice.

Good types of oil like olive oil and sun flower oil are also high in Omega 3. So you can increase your consumption of these types of oils too.

Reason #13: Sibling Relationship – Are You in Good Terms with Your Brothers and Sisters?

Unhappy and unfulfilling relationships can always lead to depression. And if you are not getting along well with your siblings, this can cause sadness and frustration. Indeed, we would like to be able to depend on our siblings for ANYTHING, right? And if that’s not happening, it is only normal to feel helpless and hopeless as well.

If you can patch things up with your siblings, so as to have better relationships with them, that’s well and good. So that’s the first thing that you should do in this situation.

If it’s not possible to build better relationships with your siblings and other members of the family, just let it go and build relationships with other people. You will always find friends who will treat you like family.

Reason #14: Are You on Birth Control Pills?

If you are taking birth control pills, know that one of its many possible side effects is depression. The reason for this is that such type of pills can cause hormonal imbalance – which can lead to feelings or symptoms of depression.

If you trace your depression symptoms with your intake of birth control pills, you can switch to more natural methods of birth control. Consult your doctor about it so as to be able to make the right choices.

How to Fight Depression

Reason #15: Are You Taking Prescription Drugs?

Sadly, one of the possible side effects of taking prescription drugs is depression. Again, this can be linked to having hormonal and chemical imbalances in the system.

Studies show that medications for anxiety, sleeping problems, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even something as simple as acne can all carry side effects that are related to feelings of depression.

If this is the case with you, consult your doctor about it so that changes in medication or dosage can be recommended. Different people react differently to medicines, so it’s always important to listen to your body.

Dealing with Depression the Christian Way

The Christian way of dealing with depression is to pray about it so that God will give you the strength to fight it.

Get this:

You may feel that depression is bigger than you, and that it’s eating you alive. And maybe it is.

BUT, your God is waaaaay bigger than your depression and any problem for that matter. So just go to Him and He will surely help you deal with it.

The reasons for feeling depressed are aplenty. And we have just tackled 15 of the most common causes of depression in this article. I’m sure there are other reasons that haven’t been discovered yet.

Life events, diseases, genetics, the environment, and even psychological factors are all playing their part in this horrible state called depression; and it is up to us to rise above all those things.

It’s hard, yes, but it’s doable.

Find sources of joy so as to alleviate the pain of depression. It could be a loving pet, a new interesting hobby, or a new set of friends. But always include God in the equation.

Let us all trust God and help one another in this battle.

What Does Depression Feel Like

It’s Time to Do Your Part – Please Do Something!

Are you feeling depressed? If we have not taken up your cause of depression in this article, please share your thoughts in the comment section so we can help you.

If you have any advice for our readers, please say so too. You could save a life by speaking up.

And if you think this article will help someone who is going through depression, please share it.

God have mercy on us all and God help us all.

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